Montana Quarterly stands out; so will your ad.

Okay. We’ll brag.

When the Montana Quarterly first launched in 2005, the Western Publications Association named it the best new magazine west of the Mississippi.

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There’s no need to shout! At the Quarterly, we limit the number of ads, so your voice will be heard.

We were proud, but we knew we could do even better. So we went to work, piling up more awards along the way.

The big ones came in 2010, 2012 and again in 2013, when the Society of Professional Journalists named us the best magazine in the five northwestern states. Clearly, the Montana Quarterly competes with the big boys and wins. No other magazine in Montana even comes close.

The writing and photography that so impresses our peers is also what impresses our readers, who read it cover to cover. Then they share it with friends and family. And then they save it.

And that’s why your advertising dollar goes further with the Montana Quarterly: it offers the kind of shelf life and reader interest that other magazines can only hope for.

Plus, at the Montana Quarterly, your ad doesn’t get lost in clutter. While some magazines contain as much as 75 percent advertising, we’re committed to filling no more than 35 percent of the magazine with advertising. That way, your ad gets the attention it deserves. After all, it’s a magazine, not a catalog.

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And We’re Growing Fast

Our subscriber list grew by 45 percent in 2013 and we have readers in every state in the nation and a dozen foreign countries. We distribute Montana Quarterly to retailers all over the state, where we command top market share among all statewide magazines. Plus, we’re in all the state’s major airports and in finer bookstores all over the country.

In addition, the magazine is bedside reading in the state’s top destination hotels, the kinds of places where people are looking for more than just a bunk for the night. And as a bonus to advertisers, we mail a copy of our winter issue to every mailing address in the coveted Big Sky Resort market.

Our 30,000 readers are educated and engaged, and they care about Montana, its destinations, its people and its stories. To turn them into customers, contact Ad Directors Joanne Gardner Lowell (406.599.1075) and John Lowell.

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